10 x 16 mm Clip On Leg Rings for Chickens, Ducks, Hens, Poultry, Large Fowl

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These leg rings are ideal to be able to differentiate between birds of the same breed (great for children to be able to distinguish between their chickens), they would be ideal for Large Fowl breeds such as Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Orpingtons, Leghorns, Anconas, Vorwerks, Barnevelder etc.

These leg rings are made from durable and fade resistant plastic which will last for years and are very easy to put on by clicking into place once around the hen's leg. They can be removed by sliding apart and can be re-used over and over again. Since the rings are flat it is possible to personalise them with a marker pen (e.g. Name of the chicken). The rings are desinged to be a snug fit, obviously an oversized ring will fall off or get trapped on the hens feet and a undersized ring will be uncomfortable for the hen. A suitable sized ring should be able to spin around and move up and down the hens leg freely. If you are not sure of the size you required we can supply a mixture of different sizes, please contact.

These are for adult birds, there are smaller ones available (please look at my other items) for young stock, as they grow the size of leg ring can be changed to follow the leg size. I wouldn't recommend putting them on very young chicks.

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