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For use with all poultry, pigeons & other avian.


After ingestion, Red Stop Solution enters the blood stream and renders the blood indigestible and unattractive to the mites which stop feeding and die of starvation.


Has NO effect on eating eggs whatsoever.

Directions for use
Dilute 1 ml to 1 litre of drinking water for 10 consecutive days and then 1 day per week. 100ml is sufficient to treat up to 12 birds over a 12 month period.


Red Stop Solution has been sold in Europe as well as many other countries for the last 10 years. It has only recently arrived in the UK due to the foresight of one of our leading poultry vets.


Red Stop Solution is different from an other anti-Red Mite 'eradicators' because it eliminates all Red Mite by starving them to death. This makes the chicken's blood completely unpalatable to the Red Mite - which then dies of starvation over a period of time, and because they can't feed, they can't breed.


Red Stop Solution is completely safe and does not have any affect on egg quality and therefore there is no egg withdrawal.


Red Stop Solution has been thoroughly tested over the last 10 years on commercial sites throughout Europe, and for the last year here in the UK; it has been proved beyond doubt that it is second to none as the ultimate natural weapon against Red Mite. Being a natural, organic solution (Red Stop Solution has organic certificates throughout Europe), any eggs laid during periods of treatment are not effected.

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