1 Kg Chicktec Egg Wash Powder

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Suitable for manual & machine cleaning of table (eating) and hatching eggs.

Gentle, Safe, Organic & Microbal Decontamination.

Prepare a 1:200 solution of 50g egg wash powder 10LTR water and bring the temperature to 100 degree F (35 degree C) for dipping.

For manual egg sanitisation, place eggs in plastic or wire basket, and compleatlely immerse eggs for 10-15 minutes.

When using an oscillating machine, do not immerse eggs for more than 10 minutes. Avoid excessive washing of eggs, and prepare fresh solution after each cycle and when water becomes visibly soiled.

Do not rinse eggs, but allow eggs to dry in the air for a protective coating before setting or packing.

Chictec Poultry Egg Sanitiser is based on a blend of Quaternary Ammonium compounds and specialised detergents. It passes British-European standard for Food Industry Biocidal Chemicals BS EN 1276 at a dilution of 1:320 in the presence of high organic contamination.

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