Starting with Chickens - A Beginner's Guide Book by Katie Thear

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We've been using this book for reference for many years now in our own poultry enterprise and would recommend it for any poultry keeper.


Katie Thear was formerly editor of the monthly magazine 'Country Smallholding', and is a life-long poultry keeper. She is the author of many books on poultry, livestock and smallholdings.

How often have you thought that it would be nice to have a few chickens in the garden? Their needs are modest and they give a lot of pleasure and interest in return, not to mention the bonus of new-laid eggs.  This book provides invaluable help, from choosing a house and run to selecting, buying and caring for the hens. It covers feeding, breeding and seasonal management, as well as dealing with problems should they occur. Written in a clear and concise way, it is an ideal introduction to keeping chickens.

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